Breaking the Bias in Tailoring

Women’s International Day 2022

This year’s theme is “Breaking The Bias”.

Imagine a gender-neutral world….

When I think about what it means to be a woman on International Women’s Day, the words that come to my mind are Power and Resilience.

When we learn to combine both these forces, we can literally change the world.

Take me for example. Some of you may know that alongside Gresham, I am co-founder of Gresham Blake.


Me, proudly wearing the first suit Gresham made for me

Now, traditionally, Bespoke Tailoring is very male-dominated and posh.

I have a few traits that did not quite fit into that mould.

Firstly, I am female.

Secondly, I am not white.

Thirdly, I am very vertically challenged!

I am not what you would typically expect as ‘YOUR BESPOKE CONSULTANT’ if you were buying a suit in Savile Row.  And, over the years, I have surprised a number of my client at that first consultation when I have said that I will be looking after them today.

However, what I have found, is what people want is – simply people that are very dedicated to what they do and have skills and knowledge to back that up.

From the first bespoke suit that Gresham made from me, I was completely hooked on tailoring.

My vision was to be able to provide this to everybody, in particular women. 

At Gresham Blake, we now specialise in women’s bespoke tailoring.  We have created patterns and designs which produce empowering garments, whatever direction you want to take.  Designing a women’s bespoke suit is the ultimate gender-neutral experience, where you can find yourself and express who you are through a beautifully tailored, stylish garment.


Bespoke tailoring has not been on most women’s radars, in part, because it has been so closely associated with menswear, but also because it’s been sold with the image of ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and ‘country estates.’

For me, it’s completely the opposite.  I want to break those stuffy stereotypes and simply make well made, contemporary clothing for the individual.

More and more women are getting frustrated with the process of finding things that fit them well.  I am proud of the ladies tailoring services we provide.

And did you know that 80% of the Gresham Blake team are Female?

“Ohh, it’s a women’s tailor”, I still get that a lot.

“For goodness sakes, so what?”

I’ve earned my ‘pinstripes.’


Fun Fact

Unlike nuclear DNA, your mitochondrial DNA can only be passed down from your mother!

The mitochondria are specialised for producing the energy that each cell needs to function, and it is the reason that we can move our muscles or even think thoughts.

“On this International Women’s Day, I would like to thank my mum, my mother-in-law, and the generations of females rooted in my history for my internal strength.”


BESPOKE 2PC SUIT£600 (normally £1000+)This week only

The offer ends on Sunday 13th March

Simply, purchase the suit deal online then one of our bespoke tailoring consultants will call you to book you an appointment.

This is an offer not to be missed! With hundreds of British cloths to choose from this is your chance to design your perfect bespoke suit.

Treat yourself on International Women’s Day to something you will treasure forever.



Would you like to be part of our Bespoke 500 Club?

A Bespoke Suit for £500, normally £1000

60+ Cloth designs to choose from…



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2020-10-13-at-16.58.13.png
Steve Coogan looking dapper in a GB Bespoke

A made to measure bespoke suit is like no other. Until you have experienced the cut and feel of suit made especially for you, it is hard to understand what all the fuss is about…

Now for only £500 you can do exactly this! Be prepared to feel suitably suave.

We have identified 60+ cloth designs alongside our fabric merchants at a discounted price for you. These cloths have been selected on account of excess fabric due to the current climate in consequence of the pandemic. This is a brilliant opportunity to get yourself a long-awaited bespoke suit worth £1000, with loads of fabrics from Autumn/Winter 20 to Spring/Summer 20. Please mind that this offer is on a first come first serve basis and there is limited availability on the selected cloths.

A wide variety of plain, herringbones, wools, linens, checks and stripes available

Do not fret this is not just a black suit, we have an expanse of different cloths designs included in the selection which offers a wide range of different suiting from tweed to houndstooth and from check to herringbone, this bunch will definitely have you covered. These cloths include classic and fancy suit cloths, which are all an absolute steal and one you would be sorry to miss out on.

One of our lovely clients looking amazing in his GB Bespoke Suit

Why do you need a Bespoke Suit?

Bespoke suiting exudes personality and individuality in a way that sometimes an off the peg suit struggles to do with the same amount of success. Bespoke suiting boasts a plethora of exquisitely fine-tuned details that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of which can add a very personal edge to a suit that you will be certain to treasure forever.

A bespoke suit is definitely an emotional purchase, every element being hand-picked down to the last button, ensuring you walk away with a truly personalised garment. The premium quality of a bespoke suit will also contribute to the longevity of the garment, enabling it to be worn with confidence for many years. It is the epitome of an investment buy, one in which will enrich your sartorial endeavours and be a loyal companion to many a special occasion. So even if the suit was originally purchased for a particular event, you will find that it becomes a wardrobe essential in no time.

This offer really is an all-rounder, as this doubles up to be the perfect gift for someone special too. Whether it be Christmas or an upcoming birthday? You really can’t get a gift that is more personal to them!

Today, we’re sharing a guide to our bespoke tailoring process and the radical difference it makes when it’s time to shine.


A force to be reckoned with, a suitably suave trio in their GB bespoke suits.

What is a Bespoke Suit?

Any clothing retailer can offer a suit that looks great off the peg. Yet, unless it’s designed to fit your exact measurements, it could end up both uncomfortable and unsightly once you try it on. 

That’s why it pays to invest in Bespoke Tailoring.

We have a team of Expert Tailors at both our Shoreditch London and Brighton stores. When you choose the bespoke route, you’ll work with our tailors from the very beginning to create the perfect suit. We’ll spare no detail and take everything into consideration.

While the entire process takes around eight weeks, we can accommodate shorter timelines by special request by the customer. Let’s take a look at the process from start to finish.


Check this GB Bespoke ensemble out!

Fabric Selection

Bespoke Cloth

From weddings and graduations to corporate events and galas, we understand that sometimes, you need a one-of-a-kind fabric that we don’t have in stock. If that’s the case, we’re more than happy to help you create it.

Our skilled design team will walk you through each step of this exciting and rewarding journey, taking into account both the exterior fabric and lining of your suit. Whether you’re creating a printed lining, suiting or shirting, we’ll help bring your ideas to life. We specialize in print design and woven jacquards!

Premium Cloths

While we have access to an extensive range of British milled cloths, we can also interpret a variety of other fabrics upon request. You can design your own print, insert panels, and add seams as desired!

Some of our premium fabric choices designed for suits and waistcoats include:

  • Mohair
  • Wool
  • Linen/ Cotton/ Silk


Model is wearing Midnight Mohair 2 Piece Suit

What is Mohair?

This luxuriously soft fabric is made from the hair of an Angora goats. Renowned around the world for its glistening sheen, mohair is also one of the most durable and great-wearing materials on the market!

It was huge in the 60’s – all the Mod’s wore Mohair and looked super sharp.

And by the way, did you know Mohair is James Bond cloth of choice? Give me a better reason to joining the Mohair club than that!


Model is wearing Navy Worsted Chalk Stripe 2 Piece Suit

Prefer a wool suit? It’s one of the most timeless and attractive options, but it’s far from standard. As not all wool is created equal, let’s review how to discern the difference.

Understanding Worsted Wool and the Super System

In short, worsted wool is comprised of long fibres spun into a fine yarn. The result? A cloth that is sleek, refined and perfect for a variety of suit types. In addition to being attractive and versatile, worsted wool is also:

  • Breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Wrinkle-resistant

If you’ve decided to use this fabric for your bespoke suit, your next step will be to navigate the Super System. These are the series of numbers that you’ve likely seen while shopping for a suit in the past. What do they mean?

The Super System is designed to represent the fabric’s fineness. Put simply, the number dictates how many times the wool has been twisted. As that count rises, so does the look and feel of the material. Still, all varieties possess the premium qualities of worsted wool.

For instance, a Super 180 suit will have a smoother appearance than a Super 80 suit, but that doesn’t mean the latter is lower quality. It will simply have a coarser and sturdier look. As a general rule of thumb, higher-number suits are reserved for more special occasions while lower-count varieties are ideal for regular, everyday use. 

As you do your research and browse your options, keep in mind that the Super System is not internationally standardised. Our team of tailors has its own guide and will advise you on the ideal number count that’s appropriate to your needs.


Mr and Mrs Honey in their bespoke bumblebee creations

Design-Led Tailoring

There’s no designer touch we can’t add. Our tailors will take every consideration to help to create a design that fits your event and surpass your expectations. When you want to showcase your individual style, we’re your go-to Tailor!

While we pride ourselves in creating suits that “wow” on the outside, we know that true craftsmanship is in the details. That’s why we focus on the minute features that make a bespoke suit so special, including hand-sewn buttonholes, hand-stitched linings and turn-back collars.

We LOVE little accents of fun and will guide you with what works.  For example, our very special client Mr. Honey likes Bumblebees embroidered under his top collar. This is embroidered onto a melton, which can also be in a contrasting colour.

These personal touches make the suit YOURS.

Measurements and Fittings

Our team will normally require only one to two fittings to make sure your new suit fits exactly the way it’s meant to. Our professionals can utilise contemporary or traditional tailoring techniques depending on your preferences.

Our contemporary tailoring services are more modern in nature, offering enhanced flexibility over traditional tailors. We’ll create any pattern or style you desire, and make sure it fits like a charm before your big reveal.

With a traditional tailoring experience, we’ll create a personal pattern that fits your measurements. Then, we’ll construct the garment with a loose canvas, allowing it to mould perfectly to your body shape and movements. This way, you can rest assured that your suit will flow as effortlessly and stylishly as you do, all night long.


A classic GB Bespoke in a gentlemanly shade of grey

Bespoke Tailoring Options

At Gresham Blake, we’ll take the time and care to create a bespoke suit that meets your exact specifications. Thanks to our design-led approach, nothing is out of the question.

Want to stand a little taller and feel your best when it’s your turn to shine? If so, only a bespoke suit from Gresham Blake will do.

We offer an entirely personalised experience from the very start, with fair prices that beat most of our competitor’s. We believe that luxury and high-end fashion do not have to come with a soaring price tag, and we’re dedicated to helping you look great without emptying your new designer pockets.

How could we have not tickled your fancy with such an exclusive offer? Please click the Bespoke 500 Offer to claim your suit now. This promotion is first come first serve and limited availability on all of the selected cloths.

Hope to see you soon!


Would you like to be part of our Bespoke 500 Club?

A Bespoke Suit for £500, normally £1000

60+ Cloth designs to choose from…



Tweed comes in a variety of weights, weaves, and colours

It is practical, hard wearing, and can be dressed up or down from almost formal to definitely casually.

At Gresham Blake, we LOVE a tweed suit.  Since 2000, this has been a popular choice for GB clients.  It is a suit that you want to wear. 

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

We have an extensive range of British tweed cloths to choose from, from medium weight worsteds, in the colours of tweed to Harris Tweed. What makes a tweed suit stand out is the colour and design. Cut in a contemporary way, possibly with little accents of detail, we can help you to design a one-of-a-kind unique suit, especially for you.

BOOK ONLINE CALL 01273 609587

It’s really important how you style a tweed suit in relation to the look that you want, and we are experts in helping you achieve that.

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from.
  • Suits start from £700 for a 2 piece
  • Jackets start from £450
  • Waistcoats start from £200
  • Trousers start from £250
  • Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage
  • It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to make a suit from receipt of cloth
  • Book online for Brighton or London



From traditional morning suits to more Avant guard dinner suit, we are experts in all aspects of women’s formal wear.

For more traditional, it’s all about the sharp silhouette and simple design.

For more fancy, well, we take you anywhere you want to go.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

If you are ready to make a statement, come and see us, and we will help you create the ULTIMATE SUIT.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

With in depth knowledge on style and design coupled with a vast selection of fabrics, our tailoring consultants will be able to guide you effortlessly and we will work together to create the perfect suit.

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from.
  • Suits start from £800 for a 2 piece
  • Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage
  • It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to make a suit
  • Book online for Brighton or London

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587


Who needs an excuse to wear a suit?

The best suits are the ones we wear, because we want to wear them EVERYDAY!

At Gresham Blake, we will help you find your PERFECT tailored suit.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

The beauty of a casual suit is being able to wear as separates and mix and match pieces in your wardrobe.

Gresham Blake stands out from our competition as being ‘design-led’ tailors.

We a huge range of styling and detail options.  We can also design you your very own cloth. 

Whatever your style, we can assure you that we can design a suit for you that you will want to wear just because it looks good.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from
  • Suits start from £700 for a 2-piece
  • Jackets start from £450
  • Trousers start from £250
  • Waistcoats start from £200
  • Our expert tailors will guide your through every stage
  • It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of cloth to make a suit

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587


At Gresham Blake we specialize in women’s bespoke tailoring.  We have created patterns and designs to produce elegant, feminine and empowering garments.

The fit is paramount with ladies tailoring.  We will construct a suit precisely for your body shape and size.

It’s just as much ‘how you feel’ when you put on a suit as ‘how it makes you look’

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

A day – to -day suit, one that you actually ‘want’ to wear rather than ‘have’ to wear, which makes you look and feel your best.

A perfect business suit needs comfort as well as style, tailored to make you feel fantastic.  We understand the daily demands that may be placed on work suits with potential heavy wear and travelling.

Our team of Bespoke consultants will give you the right advise on the best options for you.  For business wear, we would take into consideration how smart you need to look, how durable you need the cloth to be and how comfortable to wear the cloth is.

We will guide you through our extensive cloth/lining ranges and together we will design a beautifully tailored business suit with little accents of detail should you wish.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

Being very competitively priced, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from
  • Business suits start from £700 for a 2 piece (do ask our team for special promotions)
  • Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage
  • It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to make a suit

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587


At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life. Specialising in ‘design-led’ tailoring, anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life.

Specialising in ‘Design Led Tailoring’ , anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

When you book an appointment you will be matched to a one of our experienced tailoring consultants.

At your first appointment you have no obligation to buy from us, we are very happy for you to come and see us, to find out what we can do for you.

Mr. Steve Coogan being fitted by Gresham in our Brighton Store Consulting Rooms



Your tastes, interests and lifestyle will be discussed (as much as you want) so that we can really get to know you and help you to design the best possible garment.


You will select your cloth, from the thousands of fabrics we have available, and we will guide you with this, as much as you want to be guided.


If you decide to go ahead, we will then take your measurements, as well as notes on stance, build and posture.

The full appointment may take 1-2 hours, plenty of time to choose a cloth, discuss a design and get measured up.  But we won’t rush you, if you need more time, then we will be more than happy to accommodate.



It normally takes 6 – 8 weeks for a suit to be ready.  However, we do offer an express service and for an express charge we can make you a suit very quickly.

If your suit is needed for a specific occasion, your tailoring consultant will be able to give you an approximate finish date for your garment.  Our production manager will then confirm this date with you.


We require a 50% deposit when we place the order. Alternatively, if you decide to pay in full, we give you a 5% discount. The balance will be taken when you collect the suit.


Your tailoring consultant will stay in touch with you and will update you on the suit production.  The production team will also get in touch and advice when suit is ready for a fitting.


Unless you have placed an express order, the fitting will normally be ready in 6-8 weeks following the placement of your order.

The fitting is crucial, as this is the point where we will ‘fine tune’ your garment, with minor modifications to get the garment just right.

Normally it requires 1- 2 fittings for your suit to be just right and for you to take away.

In our Brighton Store, we have an ‘in-house workshop’ where we can carry out these modifications expressly on request.


We encourage our clients to book appointments in advance either BOOK ONLINE or by calling us on 01273 609587.

If you would like any further information on the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our bespoke customer services team –

Gresham Blake Bespoke Post Lockdown

Further to Boris’s announcement on the 17th March, we thought that our whole world would fall apart and it almost did. Both the shops were closed, meaning most of our team were put on Furlough leave, a term we had never ever heard of before. Our production has to be paused and our workshops had to close too. We followed the governments advice. Both myself and Gresham got very sick right at the very start. That was the most difficult part. Particularly when Gresham had to stay in the hospital. But we recovered, albeit left with some unwanted effects that may take some time to heal. Silver lining on the cloud is that our doctors have advised that we will have a degree of immunity now.

For this reason, we felt quite safe and protected when we were finally allowed to reopen on 15th June.

Gresham Blake Brighton

“We have been completely overwhelmed by the support our loyal clients have shown us through the lockdown, and now that we have reopened again. The emails and phone calls with endless support and encouragement have been so humbling. For that we wholeheartedly THANK-YOU, Fal and Gresham x

We were always going to be back. And here we are!

We have introduced many social distancing ‘measures’ to ensure the safety for both our clients and teams.

Our Brighton Bespoke Fitting Room has screens. Feels a little like we are playing ‘bank manager’.

Likewise our London Fitting Rooms has a screens too.

Both our shops are extremely well ventilated with lots of windows, that we keep open for air circulation.

For our bespoke consultations we will provide a private room, with a two hour consultation time.

We provide masks, if wanted. And in between fittings, we steam and clean anything that anyone tries on.

Our head tailor Luke Morgan, steam cleaning.

We also provide an iconic GB Facemasks FOC for anyone that is having a Bespoke Consultation.

Our facemasks are flying out of our shelves, literally. We have some brand new designs arriving early next week. Watch out for the mailshot!

We have many suits ready now for fittings and I know that a lot have you have already been called by our production manager, Rita or your tailoring consultant. We completely understand that plans have had to be rearranged even to next year. We want to assure you that if you pick your suits up, we will definitely do fittings nearer to your event, to ensure that perfect fit.

We are also getting new enquiries for Bespoke suits. If you are considering have a tailor made suit from us then now really is the time to buy. Obviously, we really appreciate your business right now. It is worth noting that right now we getting some very deals on cloths with some very exclusive cloth merchants. Scabal, Dormeuil and Holland and Sherry are offering us some huge savings on single lengths of cloth, that we will pass on to you fully. This means you can make savings of up to 30% on purchasing a Bespoke suit, if we can get the saving. Needless to say, we are very grateful for all your business right now too.

So, as a ‘thank-you’ for every one off bespoke suit order we take from now until end of July, we will make a complimentary Bespoke Shirt.

If you are after ‘Back to Work’ suits, we are launching our ‘Back to Work’ promotion early this year. And by early, I mean now.

It’s “2 Bespoke suits with extra trousers made out of a selected range of 12 oz British Worsted for £1400”, that’s £700 for a 2pc bespoke suit with extra trousers (and that bespoke shirt). To book a consultation just click on the image of Steve above.

With regards to our ready to wear collections, I’m sure that you can understand that this year we have been left with more stock than normal at this time of year. Hence we do have 50% discount on selected products in our summer sale.


It’s going to take some time to get back to normality. Together, we will all get through it.