Veganuary-Friendly Tailoring?

It’s a yes from us! Don’t let your Veganuary stop at just the foods you eat, be climate conscious through your sartorial choices too. Gone are the days when sustainable fashion meant hemp sacks and itchy fabrics. We are now enjoying a new era of sustainable fashion and at Gresham Blake we are so proud to be a part of it. Introducing our 45 Collection.

The name pays homage to its ethical beginnings, through the suiting cloth which utilises innovative fabric technologies that incorporate 45 recycled plastic bottles in every single suit. These bottles are now able to have a new lease of life and with your help they will never be a single use plastic ever again!

This collection is luxury, without the price tag. Retailing at £295 per suit, keeping your wallet and the environment happy in one fell swoop! If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, these suits are also fully machine washable at 40 degrees. So, none of that faff of going to get your suit cleaned, with the added benefit of no harsh chemicals, often used in dry cleaning, going into the environment.

Not only is the 45 Collection suiting kinder to the planet, they also look and feel great, with a luxurious soft handle. Comfort and functionality are at the forefront of this collection creating a hard wearing piece that you will treasure for years to come. These suits are definitely a new wardrobe classic. The perfect suit from work to weddings.


Our Navy Dot 2 Piece Suit – “The perfect suit from work to wedding.”

As a design company, we understand that we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and the people in it. I think we speak for everyone that after this lockdown period it has become apparent, now more than ever, that we need to do everything to look after our planet. Better working conditions, sustainable materials, and processes that leave little impact on the Earth are issues that we care about.

This menswear collection comes in two classic colours, Navy Pindot and a Grey Pindot pictured below. Get suited and booted for your next big occasion, the 45 Collection will help you just do that.


Here’s a little bit about the process of creating a 45 Collection suit:

The process of making one of our 45 Bottle suits

At Gresham Blake, we are committed to trading relationships that are both commercially viable and ethical. We support fair trade and only operate with manufacturers who comply with our ethical trading policy.

Our 45 Collection embodies all that is right in the development of fashion technology and innovation. The polyester used in our 45 Collection is made from 45 plastic bottles. All our garments are then crafted in our workshops using renewable energy. Owning one of these, not only are you helping in our shared goal for a greener planet but also, you will be saving 45 plastic bottles from hitting the landfill. So, go ahead and help us save the world, 45 plastic bottles at a time!

Please mind, this collection is very popular. We are pleased to say that after a long two years of lockdown we have managed to get some more in stock. Order yours today to avoid missing out!



Would you like to be part of our Bespoke 500 Club?

A Bespoke Suit for £500, normally £1000

60+ Cloth designs to choose from…



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Steve Coogan looking dapper in a GB Bespoke

A made to measure bespoke suit is like no other. Until you have experienced the cut and feel of suit made especially for you, it is hard to understand what all the fuss is about…

Now for only £500 you can do exactly this! Be prepared to feel suitably suave.

We have identified 60+ cloth designs alongside our fabric merchants at a discounted price for you. These cloths have been selected on account of excess fabric due to the current climate in consequence of the pandemic. This is a brilliant opportunity to get yourself a long-awaited bespoke suit worth £1000, with loads of fabrics from Autumn/Winter 20 to Spring/Summer 20. Please mind that this offer is on a first come first serve basis and there is limited availability on the selected cloths.

A wide variety of plain, herringbones, wools, linens, checks and stripes available

Do not fret this is not just a black suit, we have an expanse of different cloths designs included in the selection which offers a wide range of different suiting from tweed to houndstooth and from check to herringbone, this bunch will definitely have you covered. These cloths include classic and fancy suit cloths, which are all an absolute steal and one you would be sorry to miss out on.

One of our lovely clients looking amazing in his GB Bespoke Suit

Why do you need a Bespoke Suit?

Bespoke suiting exudes personality and individuality in a way that sometimes an off the peg suit struggles to do with the same amount of success. Bespoke suiting boasts a plethora of exquisitely fine-tuned details that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of which can add a very personal edge to a suit that you will be certain to treasure forever.

A bespoke suit is definitely an emotional purchase, every element being hand-picked down to the last button, ensuring you walk away with a truly personalised garment. The premium quality of a bespoke suit will also contribute to the longevity of the garment, enabling it to be worn with confidence for many years. It is the epitome of an investment buy, one in which will enrich your sartorial endeavours and be a loyal companion to many a special occasion. So even if the suit was originally purchased for a particular event, you will find that it becomes a wardrobe essential in no time.

This offer really is an all-rounder, as this doubles up to be the perfect gift for someone special too. Whether it be Christmas or an upcoming birthday? You really can’t get a gift that is more personal to them!

Today, we’re sharing a guide to our bespoke tailoring process and the radical difference it makes when it’s time to shine.


A force to be reckoned with, a suitably suave trio in their GB bespoke suits.

What is a Bespoke Suit?

Any clothing retailer can offer a suit that looks great off the peg. Yet, unless it’s designed to fit your exact measurements, it could end up both uncomfortable and unsightly once you try it on. 

That’s why it pays to invest in Bespoke Tailoring.

We have a team of Expert Tailors at both our Shoreditch London and Brighton stores. When you choose the bespoke route, you’ll work with our tailors from the very beginning to create the perfect suit. We’ll spare no detail and take everything into consideration.

While the entire process takes around eight weeks, we can accommodate shorter timelines by special request by the customer. Let’s take a look at the process from start to finish.


Check this GB Bespoke ensemble out!

Fabric Selection

Bespoke Cloth

From weddings and graduations to corporate events and galas, we understand that sometimes, you need a one-of-a-kind fabric that we don’t have in stock. If that’s the case, we’re more than happy to help you create it.

Our skilled design team will walk you through each step of this exciting and rewarding journey, taking into account both the exterior fabric and lining of your suit. Whether you’re creating a printed lining, suiting or shirting, we’ll help bring your ideas to life. We specialize in print design and woven jacquards!

Premium Cloths

While we have access to an extensive range of British milled cloths, we can also interpret a variety of other fabrics upon request. You can design your own print, insert panels, and add seams as desired!

Some of our premium fabric choices designed for suits and waistcoats include:

  • Mohair
  • Wool
  • Linen/ Cotton/ Silk


Model is wearing Midnight Mohair 2 Piece Suit

What is Mohair?

This luxuriously soft fabric is made from the hair of an Angora goats. Renowned around the world for its glistening sheen, mohair is also one of the most durable and great-wearing materials on the market!

It was huge in the 60’s – all the Mod’s wore Mohair and looked super sharp.

And by the way, did you know Mohair is James Bond cloth of choice? Give me a better reason to joining the Mohair club than that!


Model is wearing Navy Worsted Chalk Stripe 2 Piece Suit

Prefer a wool suit? It’s one of the most timeless and attractive options, but it’s far from standard. As not all wool is created equal, let’s review how to discern the difference.

Understanding Worsted Wool and the Super System

In short, worsted wool is comprised of long fibres spun into a fine yarn. The result? A cloth that is sleek, refined and perfect for a variety of suit types. In addition to being attractive and versatile, worsted wool is also:

  • Breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Wrinkle-resistant

If you’ve decided to use this fabric for your bespoke suit, your next step will be to navigate the Super System. These are the series of numbers that you’ve likely seen while shopping for a suit in the past. What do they mean?

The Super System is designed to represent the fabric’s fineness. Put simply, the number dictates how many times the wool has been twisted. As that count rises, so does the look and feel of the material. Still, all varieties possess the premium qualities of worsted wool.

For instance, a Super 180 suit will have a smoother appearance than a Super 80 suit, but that doesn’t mean the latter is lower quality. It will simply have a coarser and sturdier look. As a general rule of thumb, higher-number suits are reserved for more special occasions while lower-count varieties are ideal for regular, everyday use. 

As you do your research and browse your options, keep in mind that the Super System is not internationally standardised. Our team of tailors has its own guide and will advise you on the ideal number count that’s appropriate to your needs.


Mr and Mrs Honey in their bespoke bumblebee creations

Design-Led Tailoring

There’s no designer touch we can’t add. Our tailors will take every consideration to help to create a design that fits your event and surpass your expectations. When you want to showcase your individual style, we’re your go-to Tailor!

While we pride ourselves in creating suits that “wow” on the outside, we know that true craftsmanship is in the details. That’s why we focus on the minute features that make a bespoke suit so special, including hand-sewn buttonholes, hand-stitched linings and turn-back collars.

We LOVE little accents of fun and will guide you with what works.  For example, our very special client Mr. Honey likes Bumblebees embroidered under his top collar. This is embroidered onto a melton, which can also be in a contrasting colour.

These personal touches make the suit YOURS.

Measurements and Fittings

Our team will normally require only one to two fittings to make sure your new suit fits exactly the way it’s meant to. Our professionals can utilise contemporary or traditional tailoring techniques depending on your preferences.

Our contemporary tailoring services are more modern in nature, offering enhanced flexibility over traditional tailors. We’ll create any pattern or style you desire, and make sure it fits like a charm before your big reveal.

With a traditional tailoring experience, we’ll create a personal pattern that fits your measurements. Then, we’ll construct the garment with a loose canvas, allowing it to mould perfectly to your body shape and movements. This way, you can rest assured that your suit will flow as effortlessly and stylishly as you do, all night long.


A classic GB Bespoke in a gentlemanly shade of grey

Bespoke Tailoring Options

At Gresham Blake, we’ll take the time and care to create a bespoke suit that meets your exact specifications. Thanks to our design-led approach, nothing is out of the question.

Want to stand a little taller and feel your best when it’s your turn to shine? If so, only a bespoke suit from Gresham Blake will do.

We offer an entirely personalised experience from the very start, with fair prices that beat most of our competitor’s. We believe that luxury and high-end fashion do not have to come with a soaring price tag, and we’re dedicated to helping you look great without emptying your new designer pockets.

How could we have not tickled your fancy with such an exclusive offer? Please click the Bespoke 500 Offer to claim your suit now. This promotion is first come first serve and limited availability on all of the selected cloths.

Hope to see you soon!


Would you like to be part of our Bespoke 500 Club?

A Bespoke Suit for £500, normally £1000

60+ Cloth designs to choose from…


A Tailors Selection

The tailors at Gresham Blake Shoreditch have selected their top 3 suits from our latest limited edition seasonal collection of mens suiting. All of which will see you through Spring Summer 2019.

The tailors at Gresham Blake Shoreditch have selected their top 3 suits from our latest limited edition seasonal collection of mens suiting. All of which will see you through Spring Summer 2019.

The Navy Linen Herringbone 2 Piece Suit

Navy Herringbone Suit
Navy Herringbone Suit & Matching Waistcoat.

This is the perfect summer suit especially with wedding season right around the corner. The lightweight linen is ideal for the hotter months and the subtle herringbone pattern in the cloth makes for an interesting detail close up.

This navy linen suit looks great when styled with the Kingfisher shirt, there is also the option of adding the matching waistcoat for a more formal look.

Kingfisher Shirt | Striped Shirt | Gresham Blake
Kingfisher Shirt

Copper Herringbone 2 Piece Suit

This 2 piece suit really stands out from anything else on the off-the-peg market. Made from a Scabal cloth and featuring a contrasting golden lining, this suit feels luxurious and looks on trend.

Copper Herringbone Suit
Copper Herringbone Suit teamed with the Octopus Shirt

Team with any of our mens patterned shirts and you will be ready to hit the town.

Ramsey Check 2 Piece Suit

This suit is a real investment piece. It can be worn as a 2 piece or would work just as well if worn as separates. Team the jacket with a pair of chinos or jeans and it is the perfect casual spring outfit. The subtle check makes for a smart work wear suit.

Green Check Ramsey Suit
Ramsey Check 2 Piece Suit.

Team the jacket with a pair of chinos or jeans and you will create the perfect casual spring outfit. This suit works perfectly when teamed with the Darwin’s Florals or Dandelion shirt.

Darwin's Florals Shirt | Floral Shirt | Gresham Blake
Limited Edition Darwin’s Florals Shirt

At Gresham Blake we will happily tailor any of our off-the-peg suits to be your perfect fit, just ask our team when in store and we will make any desired adjustments.

A Gresham Blake Wedding

Your Wedding Day; The day where you have the opportunity to wear anything you want with no one able to tell you otherwise, well except maybe your partner to be.

When you look back at that wedding album, you want to look back and think ‘What a day’ not ‘What the hell was I wearing’ . So this wedding season, Gresham Blake have you covered, whether it’s a classic suit, tweed suit or a linen suit that you are after.

Linen Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
Gresham Blake Spring Summer 2019

The Classic Mohair or Worsted; For that City Wedding. If you are looking for a sharp, masculine look and want to feel fully in control, this is the option for you! Style this Classic Blue Suit with a crisp White Kent Collar Shirt, add a tonal patterned tie to give this classic look a slight edge (for that wolf inside you!) This suit compliments a traditional Brides dress.

Navy Wool Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
The Classic Navy Wool Suit
Navy Wool Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
Team it with a crisp white shirt and a tonal patterned tie.

The Soft Tweed Suit; For that Town and Country Wedding. Go more vintage by styling this suit with a patterned shirt and classic tie. Our Ramsey Green Check pairs perfectly with the Darwin’s Florals Shirt, just add one of our Gresham Blake Logo Ties in Moss Green. This unexpected look is knockout, and definitely suits someone that’s looking to have a more relaxed day, with a slight party feel. This suit matches a Bride with a quirky dress that oozes personality.

Green Check Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
For a more vintage look, team our Ramsey Suit with the Darwin’s Floral Shirt.
Ramsey Suit | Green Suit | Gresham Blake
The Ramsey Suit , for that Town and Country Wedding.

The Linen Suit; For that luxurious Destination Wedding or a deliberately relaxed atmosphere. An Irish Linen Suit is the only option to go for. Pair this suit with either a tonal patterned shirt, worn with an open collar, or a Granddad Collar Shirt. Irish Linens will help keep you cool, calm and collective on your Wedding Day which will only add to a carefree approach.

Gresham Blake Linen Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
Linen Oatmeal suit teamed with a floral patterned shirt.
Navy Linen Suit | Wedding Suit | Gresham Blake
Gresham Blake Navy Linen Suit with matching waistcoat and patterned shirt.

The visual aspect of how you look and feel on your Wedding Day is important to us. If you are concerned about matching your partner, your Gresham Blake Tailor can always have a confidential talk with them to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Wedding Suits | A Summer Wedding | Gresham Blake
A great selection in our latest Spring Summer collection.

Your Wedding, is your opportunity to wear whatever you want for one day……but just make sure it’s a Gresham Blake!

Linen Suits | Wedding Suits | Gresham Blake
Do it in style!

Behind The Scenes – Chime n Grime Part 1: The Grand

A look at some of the behind the scenes action from the filming of the first in a series of nine Spring Summer 2018 fashion films, which will be released by Gresham Blake throughout the season…..

These stand-alone films which feature Ray Winstone, Steve Coogan, Laurie Vincent (of the Slaves), Laura Whitmore, Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) and the Orbital. Thank you to all that have been involved, including Kenny McCracken who filmed & directed the series.

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand

Filmed at the iconic Grand Hotel Brighton, our Spring Summer 2018 couple are getting ready. Dressed to the nines, he picks up the phone, they have their passports, they have the button, but where are they going?

Watch part one in full to see the start of this Quantum Leap inspired adventure.

Here’s some behind the scenes images from the filming of Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand.

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand - Push the Button

Must make sure that the props actually work – Where did they end up??

Filming Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand

Kenny making sure his lights are perfectly placed

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand, behind the scenes

Getting that opening leg shot with our great actress Tess Dimos

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand, opening scene

What happens in the Bathroom…..

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand - behind the scenes

Getting ready to hit that button, where will they end up?

Chime n Grime, Part 1: The Grand, behind the scenes

These late night shoots are hard work – so Gresham kicked back to watch some Ren and Stimpy.

Chime n Grime, Part 2 will be released shortly, so watch this space to see their first destination.

All clothing worn in this series of Fashion Films are designed and made by Gresham Blake and will be available to purchase both online as-well as in our Brighton and Shoreditch stores.