Bespoke Wedding Suit

At Gresham Blake, we understand the importance of looking good and feeling your best on your wedding day. We offer a Bespoke Tailoring Service at its BEST.

At Gresham Blake, we understand the importance of looking good and feeling your best on your wedding day.

We will match you to the right tailoring consultant who will guide you through this exciting process and ultimately design the best bespoke suit for you.

We will consider everything that you think is relevant and give you as much advice as you need.




Proud to be ‘design-led’ tailors, we will give you thousands of cloths to choose from, but we can even design a bespoke cloth for you.


Style wise, it will be your design that we incorporate into the pattern and we will guide you through this.  The details will make that suit personal for you.  Options include lapel style and width, types of pockets, ticket pocket (or not), side vent, single vent, button style, belt loops, side adjusters, zip fly button fly, pain bottoms, turn ups…the many more.   You can also personalise your suit.  Why not have your initials or the date of your wedding embroidered somewhere discretely inside your suit?  Or have something quirky embroidered underneath the melton on your top collar?


Your measurements will be taken, as well as notes on build, stance, and posture.

We will make you a perfectly fitting suit incorporating your style in the design, possibly with little accents of fun in the detail that will make you feel amazing on your wedding day and beyond.

At Gresham Blake we understand the need to create the perfect wedding suit, we are passionate about working with you and your wedding party to tailor the unique outfit that you are looking for.


We also provide a wedding package service, with special rates – where we can accommodate the entire wedding party from best man to groomsman, whether it’s a matching suit for your best man/lady, matching waistcoats for your groomsmen, or accessories to complete the look.  Please email us with your specific requirements and we will be delighted to assist.

Since 2000, we have built up an excellent reputation – not just for the quality and the fit of our suits, but also the experience that we share with our clients.

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from
  • Wedding suits start from £700 for a 2 piece
  • Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage
  • It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to make a suit
  • Book online for Brighton or London



At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life. Specialising in ‘design-led’ tailoring, anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life.

Specialising in ‘Design Led Tailoring’ , anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

When you book an appointment you will be matched to a one of our experienced tailoring consultants.

At your first appointment you have no obligation to buy from us, we are very happy for you to come and see us, to find out what we can do for you.

Mr. Steve Coogan being fitted by Gresham in our Brighton Store Consulting Rooms



Your tastes, interests and lifestyle will be discussed (as much as you want) so that we can really get to know you and help you to design the best possible garment.


You will select your cloth, from the thousands of fabrics we have available, and we will guide you with this, as much as you want to be guided.


If you decide to go ahead, we will then take your measurements, as well as notes on stance, build and posture.

The full appointment may take 1-2 hours, plenty of time to choose a cloth, discuss a design and get measured up.  But we won’t rush you, if you need more time, then we will be more than happy to accommodate.



It normally takes 6 – 8 weeks for a suit to be ready.  However, we do offer an express service and for an express charge we can make you a suit very quickly.

If your suit is needed for a specific occasion, your tailoring consultant will be able to give you an approximate finish date for your garment.  Our production manager will then confirm this date with you.


We require a 50% deposit when we place the order. Alternatively, if you decide to pay in full, we give you a 5% discount. The balance will be taken when you collect the suit.


Your tailoring consultant will stay in touch with you and will update you on the suit production.  The production team will also get in touch and advice when suit is ready for a fitting.


Unless you have placed an express order, the fitting will normally be ready in 6-8 weeks following the placement of your order.

The fitting is crucial, as this is the point where we will ‘fine tune’ your garment, with minor modifications to get the garment just right.

Normally it requires 1- 2 fittings for your suit to be just right and for you to take away.

In our Brighton Store, we have an ‘in-house workshop’ where we can carry out these modifications expressly on request.


We encourage our clients to book appointments in advance either BOOK ONLINE or by calling us on 01273 609587.

If you would like any further information on the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our bespoke customer services team –