At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life. Specialising in ‘design-led’ tailoring, anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

At Gresham Blake we offer a relaxed approach to tailoring to anyone that is interested in design. Our clients come from all walks of life.

Specialising in ‘Design Led Tailoring’ , anything is possible at Gresham Blake.

When you book an appointment you will be matched to a one of our experienced tailoring consultants.

At your first appointment you have no obligation to buy from us, we are very happy for you to come and see us, to find out what we can do for you.

Mr. Steve Coogan being fitted by Gresham in our Brighton Store Consulting Rooms



Your tastes, interests and lifestyle will be discussed (as much as you want) so that we can really get to know you and help you to design the best possible garment.


You will select your cloth, from the thousands of fabrics we have available, and we will guide you with this, as much as you want to be guided.


If you decide to go ahead, we will then take your measurements, as well as notes on stance, build and posture.

The full appointment may take 1-2 hours, plenty of time to choose a cloth, discuss a design and get measured up.  But we won’t rush you, if you need more time, then we will be more than happy to accommodate.



It normally takes 6 – 8 weeks for a suit to be ready.  However, we do offer an express service and for an express charge we can make you a suit very quickly.

If your suit is needed for a specific occasion, your tailoring consultant will be able to give you an approximate finish date for your garment.  Our production manager will then confirm this date with you.


We require a 50% deposit when we place the order. Alternatively, if you decide to pay in full, we give you a 5% discount. The balance will be taken when you collect the suit.


Your tailoring consultant will stay in touch with you and will update you on the suit production.  The production team will also get in touch and advice when suit is ready for a fitting.


Unless you have placed an express order, the fitting will normally be ready in 6-8 weeks following the placement of your order.

The fitting is crucial, as this is the point where we will ‘fine tune’ your garment, with minor modifications to get the garment just right.

Normally it requires 1- 2 fittings for your suit to be just right and for you to take away.

In our Brighton Store, we have an ‘in-house workshop’ where we can carry out these modifications expressly on request.


We encourage our clients to book appointments in advance either BOOK ONLINE or by calling us on 01273 609587.

If you would like any further information on the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our bespoke customer services team –

The GB Overcoat

Not many types of clothing can be classed as a wardrobe essential. An overcoat is pretty useful. In today’s dressed down world, it’s a good way of getting some benefits from tailoring without looking overly dressed up.

With a suit, a long overcoat can feel commanding and authoritative. With a chunky sweater and some jeans, they can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual ensemble.

The fit of an overcoat is paramount. At Gresham Blake, the first thing we will do is measure you. We will take into consideration how you want to wear your coat, take the amount of layers you will be wearing into account.

An overcoat should fit comfortably on top of other layers without restricting movement. In other words, it should really be able to work as a last minute addition that you can throw on as you rush out of the door.

In terms of what cloth to choose, thinking about how you plan on using your overcoat is an essential. We’d all love the soft, plush feel that cashmere brings – but is this durable. Like wise 100% wool may be appealing, but if you are wearing all day, every day a blended material may be better which will preserve colour and shape better. And do consider tweed. We like putting a contemporary twists on historically traditional designs. Tweed is also able to take a serious battering before showing signs of wear and tear – a favourite of ours at Gresham Blake.