We tailor your suit. Why not tailor your health?

‘Tailored Health Clinic’ at Gresham Blake.

No one-size-fits-all programs. No more yo-yo dieting. No more confusing health fads. Find your bespoke health plan with Brighton & Hove nutritionists here at Tailored Health Clinic at Gresham Blake.

Nutrition gets personal

Personalised or ‘tailored’ Nutrition has been making waves for years for those who are sick of ambiguous health messages in the media or the next new diet trend and just want to feel great once and for all. Now more than ever people are understanding the true value of their health and how nutrition has a direct link to our immune capability in these unsettling times. Thanks to advances in diagnostics and an increased awareness of the power of good nutrition on our overall wellbeing, people are finding the energy, body and symptom free lifestyle they’ve been craving.

Functional Testing

Advances in testing has meant clients and their practitioner can now focus a nutrition and lifestyle plan quickly to help to get to the root cause of what is going on for each individual. Many clients who seek out support here at Tailored Health Clinic are often frustrated with their health. They feel like they have exhausted every avenue and are doing all the right things but are still seeing their weight climbing, their sleep disturbed, or their digestive issues are flaring every day. Whilst they may have typical lab work to look at the basics – there is a lot more your body can tell you. Which is where our testing goes a little deeper.

As Functional Nutritionists, a number of laboratories make cutting-edge tests available for use within our clinic. Whilst we have a myriad of tests at our fingertips from cortisol testing, heavy metal analysis and hormone screening our top 3 to use with clients are:

The Essential Health Check

This is a great initial screening for clients to get an idea of the baseline of their health before we start on our nutrition journey with them. It checks for 19 health markers including cholesterol and triglycerides, liver function, vitamin D, iron deficiency, B12, and folate. This can indicate deficiencies which effect many of the systems in the body and can indicate health issues from the outset – including the immune system which is so essential in the current climate.

DNA Genetic Testing

A fantastic addition to our nutritional toolkit, DNA tests help clients to optimise their diet to fit their unique genetic profile. Many people only know genetic testing in the realm of ancestry, but it can tell you so much more! It’s long been clear that we don’t all respond the same way to the same diets. Why do some people do well on a high-fat dietary intervention whilst others find their triglycerides skyrocketing? Genetics are usually the answer. By understanding a client’s genetic profile, we can skip the trial and error approach and focus in on the best diet custom-made for that individual based on the science of their genetics.

Stool Analysis

Perhaps not the most glamourous of tests, yet one that gives us an incredible insight into the workings of your body. Health begins in the gut and without a robust digestive system you can expect health issues across the body from poor skin, low mood, brain fog, allergies and hormone imbalances. The gut is a key component in your immunity and is therefore crucial to be able to fight viruses and infections effectively. This test reveals any imbalances between the good and bad bacteria in your gut, identifies any overgrowth of microbes such as yeast, and finds parasites. It also tells us if you have inflammation in your digestive tract, which could indicate that you’re not properly absorbing nutrients. For some people this test is a game changer.

This approach to health allows for a tailored diet and supplement plan based on your unique status.  

Ready to get going? Whether you’ve found lockdown a helpful time to start looking after yourself and you want to keep up the momentum or you have found your health has taken a nosedive and it has caused endless snacking and stints on the sofa – now is the time to act.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial consultation: a comprehensive analysis of your health and symptoms so we can begin to tailor your route to optimal health (Biometric testing is an additional charge).
  • Follow-up consultation: we’ll check in at a later date to monitor your progress and review your plan in detail.
  • Bespoke nutritition plan tailored to your body, your needs and your goals.
  • Priority email response for clients to answer questions and offer additional guidance.
  • Resources provided to support your success.
  • PLUS Recommended supplements, if applicable, provided by The Natural Dispensary [easy checkout – timely delivery to your door].



To reserve your place, please email me directly fb@greshamblake.com

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